NuPlan Africa

The success of any company is dependent upon the people who work within it. NuPLAN AFRICA is proud of its stable and committed work force, whose service is renowned for its competence and professionalism.

The high standard of service is resultant of the experience of the management team, which enables the company to deliver specialized services within the team context. They are committed to ensuring that the firm is portrayed as a personalized environment promoting the principle of building long standing client-consultant relationships based on competency and confidentiality.


Theo Steyn Pr. Pln BA M(TRP), MSAPI, MACTRP

Dirk Larsen Pr. Pln BA M(TRP), MSAPI, MACTRP


NuPLAN AFRICA, is a dynamic practice with a life span over two decade’s, through which we are proud to have been associated with numerous successful projects for both the public and private sectors. The firm has established itself at the fore front of the planning profession as one of the most reputable town planning companies in the Western Cape, rendering a professional service of outstanding quality to both the government and the private sector. Our scope of projects has given us overarching experience into every facet of town planning and property development.

Contract work with a copious number of local authorities and corporate clients has allowed the firm to establish valuable links between the private and public sectors. This brings forth the ability of the team to engage at all levels and sectors of Government, to ensure that the client’s needs are met holistically and efficiently. This function is further enhanced via the firm’s acknowledgment of the multi disciplines that are required to bring a diversity of projects to fruition. The firm, thereof, offers the added ability to establish relevant project teams, representative of all the requirements needed for the maximum success of the project. Once again, the broad base of experience backing the firm facilitates and underlines the process.

Our offices

The Company is located in the Western Cape with offices in the picturesque village of Durbanville (City of Cape Town).

Our Affirmative Action Policy

NuPLAN AFRICA actively supports the principles of empowerment, skills transfer and affirmative action. We pursue an empowerment policy and is certified as a level 4 contributor with BEE procurement level of 100% and classified as a value added supplier.

Our Ethos

“We at NuPLAN AFRICA, endeavor to apply our professional knowledge with innovation and vision to shape and direct development on varying scales, in an efficient, equitable and sustainable manner. We impart to assert a humanistic and environmental ethic, thereby planning for the needs of people within an environmental framework and with a just, fair and transparent process”.